"It always seems impossible until it's done" - Nelson Mandela.

In English

While in the United States as a Fulbright Exchange Student, just after my final high school examinations, I became a member of the Lisle Fellowship, which helped me to accept my lot as a German. Lislers, like the Quakers, prepare for the sociology of our multicultural world. In 1956/57, during one and a half years in rural India, I completed the first part of an apprenticeship for my native Indian degree under colleagues of Mahatma Gandhi and in the activity school initiated by him. Today I am proud of my title of "Basic Education Teacher". Sixteen years in Latin America started with an experience like that of Robinson Crusoe, who had to learn new skills for an unexpected phase of life and became happy only when he met Friday. So was I when I met Manuel, now my wife..Thirty years ago we founded a school in the coastal desert for squatter children. I became a member of The American Association of Language Specialistes= TAALS and interpreted in high-level conferences. . I also worked as a multilingual secretary in businesses like Air France, Siemens or Brown Boveri, and at the end in the biggest bank of Peru: Banco de Crédito. In 1976 our whole Peruvian family remigrated to Germany where I had to catch up on 16 years of fast changes. I am a chartered, official interpreter and translator for English and Spanish, duly appointed by the regional court of Stuttgart and as such I am also qualified for volunteer work with refugees. I enjoy very much to work with the registrar’s office for births, deaths and marriages.


Zu den Muttersprachlern in SPANISCH, Englisch und Französisch kommen weitere kompetente Übersetzer in Portugiesisch und Hindustani (Urdu und Hindi kombiniert). 

Meine Mitgliedschaft im VVU gibt mir Zugang zu zertifizierten Kollegen in 48 Sprachen.
Pascal Duchesnes
Diplom Übersetzer

für Französisch, Deutsch, Englisch

Sigrid Godbillon
Diplom Übersetzerin

für Spanisch, Englisch, Französisch (IHK) und Albanisch


überSETZEN ist wie ÜBERsetzen, 

und das ist eine Arbeit wie Holzhacken.

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